Love is a Treachery (12-11-14)

He is the saviour, He is the reaper
“Don’t lose him, he’s a keeper.”
Held my hand out to fit in his
He pulled me in for one last kiss
Said, “Wait for me, I’ll be back for you”
Six years gone 

I sit on the porch and frown
My breath rises and falls
with every single car that passes
trying to hear the muted voices.

Don’t come back now, I have moved on
Found someone new, who wouldn’t leave scars.
The sky’s clear again, as it pours down the rain
Drenching me with long-lost happiness
First love’s experiment, second’s reality
One’s a failure, the other is a treachery

Held my hand out, to fit in his
He pulled me in for a last moment of bliss
Said, “don’t forget me, I will be ‘the one'”
Six years gone, I sit on the swing set;
We were young and so in love
We didn’t realize, there is no forever
Love was more than fixing broken toys together
He never came back to fix the broken heart.

My eyes lit up, saw the headlights shine
You come running, spinning me around and embracing me tight
said,”I came back as fast as I could, after hearing
the good news.”
We sit together on the porch,
watching the sun as it rises from the dark
But I still look around, trying to hear the muted sound


4 O’Clock

There’s something magical about the song 4 O’Clock. It’s 2:37 am. I’m sitting outside and it’s drizzling. I plug in my earphones and close my eyes. It’s so cold but Taehyung’s chocolate voice fills me up with warmth. His voice is hugging me, comforting me. It’s like a blanket of love. I can’t see the moon but I know it’s there, hiding behind the clouds. I can’t see you Tae but I know you’re there, ready to comfort me with your entrancing voice. I know all seven of you will always be there to shine your light on me whenever I get sucked into the darkness. Be my moon, be my sun, be my stars. For you are so far away, so stunningly bright, so impossibly beautiful that I can never dream of being near you and yet, yet you are always there looking after me in the most endearing way possible. Through my darkest nights and my hardest days, you are my one constant. Thank you.
I will forever be grateful for this beautiful piece of art.
– nephilya


BTS, this is for you. 

My love for music is red,
And my love for literature is blue,
As I intertwine them, it turns into a beautiful hue.
Without the comfort of sounds and the warm embrace of words,
I wept and I bled,
You heard my plea for help and came to my rescue,
BTS, I purple you 💜